Our platinum package offers you access to tan in all of our premium tanning beds. This includes two lay-down turbo beds, one stand-up, and our medium level tanning bed. 

Each of these tanning beds offer features and benefits that fit your needs.

In our first lay-down turbo bed you can expect a golden tan in 12 minutes. The advanced body cooling system built in the this bed continuously blows cool air over the body and face for an enjoyable, comfortable tanning experience.

Our Sun Capsule stand-up bed is hot, hot, hot! With a max of 10 minutes it is one of our strongest tanning beds that leaves your skin glowing.

Our third lay-down bed offers a facial tanning and cooling system that will enhance your tanning experience. 

Our gold package offers you access to tan in our medium level tanning bed.

This bed offers 15 minutes of intense tanning power with its S2 Advanced Technology System. 

This bed also features Wolff® system lamps for a beautiful, longer-lasting golden tan.

Plus, Xtreme Reflection™ facial tanners will give you the dark, golden tan you expect.